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Zeva The Election

Tristan’s first mission on Earth is to find and get Ember out of harm’s way. With her in the middle of an alien invasion and no way to reach her, he’d have to be creative in his endeavor. When things go awry and they find themselves head to head with the enemy species, several complications arise. Tristan does everything he can to protect Ember but realizes his own kind might pose the biggest threat. When he winds up in a political agenda, an impossible decision must be made. Will binding himself to another be the only true way to protect her?

If the alien invasion and an election on Zeva weren’t enough to worry about, the rogues decide to make their move. As they do, Ember’s abilities begin to strengthen. Will she be the key to unlocking a hidden secret? With so many hard decisions, Tristan finds himself in a position he’s nowhere near ready for.