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Zeva Book 1

Tristan grew up, trained from birth, that he and the rest of the Zevian race existed for only one purposeā€¦ to protect Earth, at all cost. Being the curious person he was and being stuck on Zeva, waiting until the humans needed him, just wouldn’t do. He felt a pull toward Earth that he couldn’t explain, not yet anyway. When his father was stationed on Earth to stand watch, the missing pieces of the puzzle began to fall into place. It wasn’t until he met Ember that he knew his life had changed forever. She was beautiful, smart, but most of all forbidden. The uncanny pull he had toward her would only make his fight to resist her that much harder. She would only serve as a distraction in his life and more importantly has destiny. Tristan was on the brink of his Ceremony where he’d morph for the first time ever, and his responsibility would become greater than ever. Especially now that there was a war approaching, he’d reach a crossroad. A battle had already risen within him, between his head and his heart. Would he risk everything, including their lives, or take the safe route and ensure that Ember was out of harms way?