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Tristan Bio:
Tristan’s adventurous, soul-searching personality makes him both a risk to the Zevian kind and
a natural born leader. Growing up on Zeva comes with rules and expectations. Both are things
he’s willing to except on his own terms. His dirty blond hair and aqua eyes are appealing but
whats most attractive about him is his will to fight for what he wants and the people he loves.

Ember’s Bio:
Ember has always felt a bit out of place. It wasn’t until Tristan entered her life that she figured
out why. Her long dark hair, dark eyed combo draw’s others in but she keeps her circle small. As
secrets about who she is starts to unravel, she realizes that strength and a purpose lie deep
within her.

Kyra’s Bio:
Kyra has been Tristan’s best friend since they were kids. She is spunky, quick witted, and loyal
to those she loves. She spent the majority of her years being Tristan’s voice of reason as he
continuously pushed the limits. All Zevian’s train consistently but Kyra takes it to the next level. If
she is not by Tristan’s side, she is polishing up her battle skills, making her one of the best
Zevian fighters.